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How the Wedding Experience is Interactive

Welcome to The Wedding Experience online wedding resource.  The Wedding Experience is a website where you can see and experience Portland wedding professionals.  All the Portland wedding professionals serve the Portland, Oregon and SW Washington.

You have the opportunity to watch informational videos of Portland wedding professionals.  You can connect with these Portland wedding pro’s directly from this website.  You can also download the Portland Wedding Experience Mobile App.  See many of the Wedding Experience vendors in the film of the mock wedding posted below, too.

  • Do you have wedding on the mind?
  • Are you planning a wedding?
  • Are you helping someone plan a wedding?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place!

Watch the FULL Wedding Experience Mock Wedding Event with Portland Wedding Professionals and REAL Engaged Couples!

The Wedding Experience Was a Portland Wedding Event Caught on Film for You to See:

On October 27, 2012 Portland was introduced to a mock wedding event for engaged couples at The Benson Hotel. The event was professionally video recorded. The Wedding Experience film features 90 minutes of footage of over 35 professional wedding vendors.  There was a bride and groom, a bridesmaid and groomsman, and engaged couples who experienced the mock wedding event.  The evening started with the wedding ceremony.  After the wedding ceremony there was a cocktail hour with drinks and appetizers. Guests enjoyed a four course dinner and sipped on free drinks.  They also had a lesson on wedding speeches, sampled different flavors of wedding cake, and enjoyed some dancing.

Watch and Learn

Learn the importance of each role the professional wedding vendor plays when planning a wedding.  Watch the wedding professionals speak about their craft and answer frequently asked questions about weddings.  But then actually watch what these wedding vendors do at the Mock Wedding. For example, watch one of the wedding officiants officiate the wedding. See the DJ playing music for a packed dance floor.

You can directly contact these wedding vendors directly from our website.

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Stay tuned as we are going to announce when and where the NEW Portland Wedding Event will be!